16 ways to market your church event

Church Event Marketing Checklist

The success of your church events often comes down to marketing, but not the kind they teach you in school. The most valuable kind of marketing these days is through connections. Here’s 16 tasks you should be doing for every event.

  • Share on the social media platform where a high percentage of your audience is. This should occur weekly several weeks out, daily several days out, and the day of.
  • Email invitations to congregation. Make social sharing easy with links.
  • Tell your event story. This can be the why behind your event or a success story associated with it. Cast your congregation as potential heroes.
  • If it’s a large event, give congregation fliers to entice people to attend.
  • Give staff invitations to personally hand out to acquaintances. Free passes work well for recipient and giver.
  • Add a post about the event on your blog.
  • Ask congregation, staff, sponsors and others involved with the event to share your posts on social media. Ask them to add their own words about it.
  • Add a popup to your webpage that directs those interested to registration.
  • Share testimonials or quote about past events on social media and on your website.
  • Create a video asking people on the street what they think about your event. You might get some funny responses.
  • List it on your community event calendars
  • Contact well known-people, like a local radio personality, to share the human-interest story behind the event.
  • Listen for people talking about the event and respond to them and their questions on social media.
  • Create an FAQ article about the event.
  • Post nostalgic pictures from prior events of its kind.
  • Change the way you answer the phone to mention the event such as, “It’s a good morning here at the ABC church. Will you be coming to our XYZ event tonight?”